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Welcome to the Public Policy Institute of the Rockies. 

Our vision is a just and equitable Montana - and world.

Our mission is to create transformational change on under-addressed issues by conducting research, initiating reforms, and providing legal advocacy.



The Public Policy Institute of the Rockies was inspired by a desire to do more. To think and act creatively to make progress on our most challenging and least addressed issues. To make lasting change for all by going upstream and confronting the source.

At PPIR, we are interested in creating new, novel change. We are defined by our upstream approach to make tangible and positive change on under addressed issues. Through compelling research, groundbreaking policy work, and passionate legal advocacy, we are aiming our sights at transformative change.


With over 25 years combined experience, we are committed to creating impactful and meaningful change to improve our communities. Our priorities are shaped from our experiences and from listening to people throughout the state about the issues they are facing and help their communities need. Our priorities are: 


1. Criminal Justice: Provide meaningful and transformative outcomes on criminal justice-related issues while prioritizing public safety, community health, and social equity. 


2. Economic Justice: Drive relevant and sustainable advancement on economic issues while prioritizing fairness and inclusivity.

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