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What makes Montana and America special is our commitment to freedom and justice for all. We value our freedom, liberty, fundamental rights, equality, fairness, personal privacy, equal opportunity, and stopping discrimination and government intrusion. We all can promote these ideals so we have a better quality of life. 

To further these values, PPIR created the Local Impact Program. This program is designed to provide you with the tools you need to take local action and shape your community.

Template resolutions and ordinances are provided that you can use to protect our shared values. This is a growing database of templates. Check back for more ideas.

How to use the Program: 

  1. Peruse the topics and identify the areas you want to act on in your community.

  2. Download the templates and use as the basis for resolutions or ordinances [no cost].

  3. Identify the template you want to use and contact us to discuss or build a strategy for passing these ordinances in your community [cost varies - contact us for individualized cost proposals].

Disclaimer: These ordinances and resolution are provided as suggestions. PPIR is not providing a legal opinion regarding their legality or enforceability by providing this information. Source for some items is the Public Leadership Institute. 


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